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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Time of Sorrows is Very Close- Are You Ready?

I am off the wall and reporting to you through this blog post.  Once the month of October came, I knew it was time to no longer report through Blogtalk Radio with my show "Tribulation News."  This is because people are not open to hearing the truth.  For example, I know of someone who condones transhumanism that is growing prevalent in our society/world by means of believing that tattoos and facial recognition is a good thing.  You and I both know that this is not the case; however, this is all too common because of how apostate everyone has become by thinking that technology is a good thing, yet it is all demonic (just read the book of Enoch).  I have been warning all of my listeners for the past nearly 2 years, yet I have been awake off and on for at least a decade.  Is this the case with you?  9/1//2001 should have been a wake up call for all of you by now.

Let me give you some examples.  Hawk did a recent show that is worth listening to, and I highly recommend it.  I know I rarely give credence to someone who is controlled opposition, but it is necessary because he hits on important points you need to know.  One, we have Ebola going on in the world today, and it is in the United States whether you want to believe it or not.  This is not the only one in our country; in fact, that is hemorrhagic fever, polio, bubonic plague, enterovirus, etc.  None of this is a coincidence, and it is in mentioned in Revelation 6.  None of this is a hoax but very real. 

Two, we have Agenda 21 currently taking place because of the pestilence outbreak that the U.S. government allowed due to listening to Satan himself in order to destroy humanity.  Think about it- we are in a very dangerous time.  This is nationwide and worldwide.  What has happened since those in West Africa came?  Hundreds have been exposed, and thus far, one has died.  Wait until 3-5 die because at that point, we can have lock-down in the country. 

Three, panic is setting in- all one has to do is look at GLP.  Europe, Asia and America are affected for crying out loud.  They want to give everyone a vaccine, which is a means of killing you off faster, and it could be connected to the mark of the beast that is mentioned in Revelation 13.  Are you starting to get the picture?  I hope so because this is a serious post. 

Four, according to X22 Report, which you can find on YouTube and on Dave's website, freedom of speech is diminishing.  Those of us who are reporters are to give our allegiance to Baghdadi, which is Satan himself in order to be allowed to speak!  This is wrong, and I don't answer to a demonic idiot!  Do you?  I'm glad I am off the wall now, and now I am focused on spreading the Gospel in the streets even if I have to wear a biohazard mask.  I will gladly lay down my life when asked if I follow Jesus.  Jesus means more to me than this world. 

Five, ever since August of last year by the Hagmanns' who started it all, I have been targeted by DHS.  They have upped their ante against me since August this year by coming in my neighborhood every week at least once.  I even have evidence of it by pictures on my phone that I have shown to a couple of people.  This includes tire tracks when my hubby was home with me in the wee morning hours around 4 or 5 a.m., and I saw a "City of Wichita" truck parked in front of my house for at least 2.5 hours, but in my neighborhood for at least 6 hours from 11-5 p.m.!  I saw the vehicle when I was on my way to the Post Office.  Yes, they are doing a covert operation against me because they are AFRAID yet looking for an opportune time to kill me, which is fine because I am closer to seeing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know this because every time I go to my window to look outside they have possible technology to sense my movements, and they are able to read my thoughts, which is why they leave immediately.  I'm not afraid of them because I have seen and will forever testify to Jesus, and how good and awesome He is!  There is power in prayer!  This is Biblical- just read the fifth seal of Revelation 6, Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.  They are making war against us saints like none other.  Do you get the seriousness of this?  I rejoice in the persecution I have received from this demonic government, and I will do what Jesus tells me to do no matter what the cost.  HE is so good! 

How do you overcome and endure?  You do this by means of being physically and spiritually prepared as we see in Matthew 24-25, Mark 13 and Luke 21.  Stock up on whatever you need as soon as possible!  Vitamin C, Biohazard mask, food, clothing, compass, etc.  When it comes to Walking in the Spirit as demonstrated in Galatians 5.  This is done in three ways, and I hope you have this mastered by now.  First, pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17); Second, read, study and memorize God's Holy Word as much as possible (Acts 17:11).  Three, praise God in both good and bad times (King David in the OT and Hebrews 11).  I hope you have this mastered by now because too late is very close to being here along with the Great Tribulation.  If you saw my video on YouTube, then you have seen Satan himself before he changes and looks handsome in order to deceive the world more so because the veil is coming off and evil is showing itself like none other.  Ken Peters warned you as well- Please take heed!  I love all of you very much.  God bless you.

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