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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Time of Sorrows is Very Close- Are You Ready?

I am off the wall and reporting to you through this blog post.  Once the month of October came, I knew it was time to no longer report through Blogtalk Radio with my show "Tribulation News."  This is because people are not open to hearing the truth.  For example, I know of someone who condones transhumanism that is growing prevalent in our society/world by means of believing that tattoos and facial recognition is a good thing.  You and I both know that this is not the case; however, this is all too common because of how apostate everyone has become by thinking that technology is a good thing, yet it is all demonic (just read the book of Enoch).  I have been warning all of my listeners for the past nearly 2 years, yet I have been awake off and on for at least a decade.  Is this the case with you?  9/1//2001 should have been a wake up call for all of you by now.

Let me give you some examples.  Hawk did a recent show that is worth listening to, and I highly recommend it.  I know I rarely give credence to someone who is controlled opposition, but it is necessary because he hits on important points you need to know.  One, we have Ebola going on in the world today, and it is in the United States whether you want to believe it or not.  This is not the only one in our country; in fact, that is hemorrhagic fever, polio, bubonic plague, enterovirus, etc.  None of this is a coincidence, and it is in mentioned in Revelation 6.  None of this is a hoax but very real. 

Two, we have Agenda 21 currently taking place because of the pestilence outbreak that the U.S. government allowed due to listening to Satan himself in order to destroy humanity.  Think about it- we are in a very dangerous time.  This is nationwide and worldwide.  What has happened since those in West Africa came?  Hundreds have been exposed, and thus far, one has died.  Wait until 3-5 die because at that point, we can have lock-down in the country. 

Three, panic is setting in- all one has to do is look at GLP.  Europe, Asia and America are affected for crying out loud.  They want to give everyone a vaccine, which is a means of killing you off faster, and it could be connected to the mark of the beast that is mentioned in Revelation 13.  Are you starting to get the picture?  I hope so because this is a serious post. 

Four, according to X22 Report, which you can find on YouTube and on Dave's website, freedom of speech is diminishing.  Those of us who are reporters are to give our allegiance to Baghdadi, which is Satan himself in order to be allowed to speak!  This is wrong, and I don't answer to a demonic idiot!  Do you?  I'm glad I am off the wall now, and now I am focused on spreading the Gospel in the streets even if I have to wear a biohazard mask.  I will gladly lay down my life when asked if I follow Jesus.  Jesus means more to me than this world. 

Five, ever since August of last year by the Hagmanns' who started it all, I have been targeted by DHS.  They have upped their ante against me since August this year by coming in my neighborhood every week at least once.  I even have evidence of it by pictures on my phone that I have shown to a couple of people.  This includes tire tracks when my hubby was home with me in the wee morning hours around 4 or 5 a.m., and I saw a "City of Wichita" truck parked in front of my house for at least 2.5 hours, but in my neighborhood for at least 6 hours from 11-5 p.m.!  I saw the vehicle when I was on my way to the Post Office.  Yes, they are doing a covert operation against me because they are AFRAID yet looking for an opportune time to kill me, which is fine because I am closer to seeing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I know this because every time I go to my window to look outside they have possible technology to sense my movements, and they are able to read my thoughts, which is why they leave immediately.  I'm not afraid of them because I have seen and will forever testify to Jesus, and how good and awesome He is!  There is power in prayer!  This is Biblical- just read the fifth seal of Revelation 6, Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.  They are making war against us saints like none other.  Do you get the seriousness of this?  I rejoice in the persecution I have received from this demonic government, and I will do what Jesus tells me to do no matter what the cost.  HE is so good! 

How do you overcome and endure?  You do this by means of being physically and spiritually prepared as we see in Matthew 24-25, Mark 13 and Luke 21.  Stock up on whatever you need as soon as possible!  Vitamin C, Biohazard mask, food, clothing, compass, etc.  When it comes to Walking in the Spirit as demonstrated in Galatians 5.  This is done in three ways, and I hope you have this mastered by now.  First, pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17); Second, read, study and memorize God's Holy Word as much as possible (Acts 17:11).  Three, praise God in both good and bad times (King David in the OT and Hebrews 11).  I hope you have this mastered by now because too late is very close to being here along with the Great Tribulation.  If you saw my video on YouTube, then you have seen Satan himself before he changes and looks handsome in order to deceive the world more so because the veil is coming off and evil is showing itself like none other.  Ken Peters warned you as well- Please take heed!  I love all of you very much.  God bless you.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Apostate Churches are Modern Day Money Changers

In the last 24-72 hours or more, I have been thinking about the current state of the church, and how the government controls every inch of it.  For example, did you know that under President George W. Bush that this regime began increasing federal funding to "money to religious groups that provide social services to the needy."  This includes all sects of Christianity and includes the pagan Roman Catholic Church.  If you really think about it, this is a means of control.  Now think of how it was during the book of Acts and the years prior to that, and you will get the big picture.

Another instance is when I used to work for Church of the Savior in Wichita, KS.  They are definitely and still are government ran.  The two people who have the most money in that church is Anita Hinten and her husband as well as Michael Peterson and his wife.  These individuals work for the government because it was obvious by their behavior.  This meant that the President of the Board is making millions a year and hoarding it while paying her staff horrendously, especially since they are at part-time status.

Let me explain further.  You will see the link that I posted above about COTS that the average donations are $1,300-$1,700 a week.  This should be more than enough to cover for bills and cause them to die out.  Where is the remainder $55,000+ going?  From what I can tell you, the President has it all financially and is filthy rich by hoarding it all for herself, rather than using it for others.  I saw this by how she dressed and acted (besides my former boss).  These are your modern day money changers, and Jesus warned us about this in His Word in Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-17; Luke 19:45-46; John 2:14-17; Acts 5.   I want to encourage you to look at the other churches in this regards to by doing your own investigation.  These people are forgiven, and please do not take any of this the wrong way.  The Lord led me to get this out to you because of how much it bothered me.  Imagine how much it aggravates our Father in Heaven. 

Here is some more additional proof in the headlines of how this is taking place.  Obama, who is a puppet, along with all the others in the world taking orders from Satan himself has declared that he is ready to sign an executive order on targeting LGBT discrimination.  Give me a break!  He not only is committing treason, but he too is homosexual, and and he will have to answer to God for his behavior (Romans 1; Galatians 5).  Not only are we repeating what happened during Sodom and Gomorrah's time, but our country will be decimated because of his lawless behavior.   

In regards to Hobby Lobby, I am thankful that they won their case against the feds.  My heart breaks for our dictator-in-chief who thinks he can do whatever he wants in order to bring about his own selfishness more so in these last days (2 Timothy 3-4).

Now add to it that the IRS thinks that they can control what a person preaches in the church, or completely take away their funding from the government by not making them 501(c)3 anymore.  If I were the church, I would keep speaking the truth, and not remain non-profit anymore anyways because it is not worth it in order to remain tax exempt.  Yes, the feds are taking away the 1st Amendment, but they are also making war against us saints (Daniel 7; Revelation 13).

Please ask the Lord for discernment and wisdom when examining this further.  He will show you the way.  God bless you all.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Operation Blackjack Is In Play

Much has escalated since my last post, and we are very close to entering the Satanic grand climax that will kick everything off into high gear globally.  None of this is a coincidence as it pertains immensely to the Great Tribulation time that we entered into as of July 4-5th.

For those of you who watch movies out there, one can see how Satan's plans are working out precisely as seen in "The Sum of All Fears," and "Star Trek:  Into Darkness."  I'm sure there are a plethora of others, but these are relevant as of this moment.  As of today, the U.S. is getting itself war ready in Ukraine while working with NATO to cause fear upon the whole Earth for this so called NWO.  All of you know that it is not new at all (read Genesis and Ecclesiastes).  If you're also following the latest manipulated economic numbers, you also know that they are skewed, and that everything is imploding on itself.  All of this is planned and orchestrated as well as took place 6,000 years ago.

In regards to Operation Blackjack, this is significant in the times we are in, and it really is taking place.  In the video link above, you see that it begins with a terrorist threat in London, and then two days later a nuclear bomb goes off.  Once that occurs, since the west is 24 hours behind the east on time, the same thing occurs in North America along the coastlines and Mexico with nuclear bombs going off.

My point is this.  Norway just had a terrorist threat occur as of yesterday 7/24/2014 in which ISIS involved even though they are backed by the US and many other countries in the world as they are all behind this next 9/11 event to cause global chaos.  This is all orchestrated for Satan to make "peace" during war time.  I'm going to remind you again.  A fallen angel cannot make peace.  He hates mankind- even you.  Do not buy into it at all- 1 Thessalonians 5.  Only Jesus Christ can bring peace to this Earth, and this will be demonstrated in 2018 at the end of this Great Tribulation time.  Am I clear?  Do not walk in the fear of man, but fear God who can put both body and soul in Hell (Matthew 10:28).

Based off my analysis, this could take place as early as July 26th or 27th since many articles say that it will happen "within days;" although, it is difficult to put a date on anything until it fully goes down, but we are very close, and this is very significant.  On X22 Report, the date of July 28th was given from Dave's research, so please keep your eyes open.  Please check out "The Norway Post" to find out if anything has happened over there too.  Also, the new series on WGN began as of July 27th entitled, "Manhattan:  Nuclear Family," which has Operation Blackjack taking place in Mexico, but the title of it gives way to New York.  All will occur when you least expect it, and always remember that I do not set dates for it is unnecessary and irrelevant.  Only God knows everything, and we are to trust Him no matter what.

Once this occurs in Norway, you can rest assured that a nuclear false flag will happen in the United States.  Always pay attention to the wording within articles, and use discernment and wisdom from the Lord as He will show you the way when it comes to the Hell that is about to be unleashed upon the Earth very soon, which includes the Ghost Festival that beings July 27th where the Chinese believe to be that the gates of Hell will be opened, and at the end of two weeks it is closed.  The gates of Hell (Revelation 13)  are at Mt. Hermon, and the Abyss is in the Euphrates River (Revelation 9).  Do your research on this, and you will be amazed. 

We are in perilous times, and I cannot stress it enough to have Jesus in your life.  If you do not have Him in your life, then I encourage you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord before it is too late.  I hope this article has helped you all immensely, and always walk in the Spirit by praying constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17), reading/studying/memorizing God's Holy Word as much as possible (like the Bereans), and praising God in both good and bad times.  You are all in my prayers, and keep your faith strong in Jesus as I do not want to see anyone perish.  God bless you.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Are Close to Entering The Last 42 Months

I have news you need to know because perilousness is occurring daily, and I cannot stress it enough.  We are truly in the last days, and the last 3.5 years is here.  Thank you to all who follow and read this blog too.

On July 5, 2014, the news reported the Al-Baghdadi was severely injured to the point of death; however, on that same day, Al-Baghdadi gave a sermon that united Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which is the same thing the Pope/False Prophet is doing in the world immensely since 2014; furthermore, on this same day, he said that following Jesus was dangerous.  What blasphemy!  Following Satan is dangerous....he is twisting God's Holy Word.

Al-Baghdadi is actually Satan because of you look at Revelation 13, he not only is the leader of ISIS, which is fulfillment of Islamic prophecy, but also of Christian prophecy too.  The same day the wound was healed, he also provided a sermon to the people and led a worship service.  He even shows off his swiss watch.  They don't make those in Babylon, but in Switzerland they do; although, everything does originate in that region if you read your Bible.  He also declared himself god by calling himself the "Caliph Ibrahim."This is huge!  Now the whole world is marveling after these two without realizing that they are deceiving everyone whose names are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life.

Here is some of what Satan has said as quoted from many news agencies, "I am the wali (leader) who presides over you, though I am not the best of you, so if you see that I am right, assist me.  If you see that I am wrong, advise me and put me on the right track, and obey me as long as I obey God in you."  Even minstream media believes that Satan can have worldwide caliphate, and if you do your research, this is significant.  He called for Muslims to rise up and kill those who oppose him.  Really?  He is now making war against us saints public.  Do you get what is going on here?  Global chaos has occurred more so since July 5, 2014.  Have you noticed how things are rapidly changing daily or even hourly?   

Just yesterday, ISIS captured 88 pounds of uranium, which can make a nuclear bomb.  Now that you know who is really running the show.  Do you think he would be the logical one to set off in the world in order to usher in the last 3.5 years?  Yes.  He hates mankind (John 10:10), especially those of us who follow Jesus.  Time is about up you all, and if you read my last post, you know what I mean.

Everything is literally out in the wide open, and we all have now seen two fallen angels appear as light, when they are not.  Do you know Jesus?  If not, I urge you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord before it is too late.  However, if you follow Jesus, I urge you now to be strong, and do not fear because God is bigger than these two idiots who are deceiving the world, and one day they will be in the lake of fire as described in latter chapters of Revelation.  God bless you. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Great Tribulation Will Be Here Very Soon

This will more than likely be my last warning call as I have done the same on Blogtalk Radio recently.  The time is very near.  If you're feeling it like me, you know exactly what I mean.  I have fellowshipped with other followers of Jesus, and they too have lost much sleep recently.  Remember before Jesus was crucified He too experienced the same thing, and He willingly gave up His life, buried and rose again to take away the sins of all mankind.  This is significant if you are walking in the Holy Spirit He sent to us beginning on the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2.

You may be hearing the controlled opposition out there saying that the middle of July is the time in which the economy will collapse.  I want to make something clear to you- they are lying.  These individuals want you to look at the wrong dates, so that when it does happen you really are surprised, yet Jesus warned us to not be because it is not new AT ALL.  Do not listen to this false prophets and deceivers who claim this because they are not telling you the truth.  In fact, the real date is July 1, 2014 this is due to HR 2847 taking full effect, which is why DHS said recently that they can seize your bank account(s) and safe deposit boxes without a warrant.  In case you haven't noticed, the U.S. is already experiencing hyperinflation with the beginnings of it by means of increased food and gas prices, and this will get much worst here very soon.   

Now as of June 30, 2014, Syria is to supposedly meet a deadline with removing the chemical weapons stockpile that is in their country.  Many news articles are pessimistic that this will be the case, especially since the U.S. brought them in to begin with in order to bring that country down in order to get into Syria.  One needs to question why this date is is so important.  While you're thinking about it, I am going to discuss the end of the ceasefire with Russia and Ukraine that is to occur from June 20-27, 2014. At the end of this, one can note that war will ensue the region quickly and globally with false flag terror attacks that the U.S. and UK are using in order to usher in the Great Tribulation, so that the war against us saints begins.  All of you should be ready by now....If not, then my heart breaks for you.  The ISIS group that is CIA backed as well as the U.S. controlling the group with Saudi Arabia and Qatar in on it too.  All of this manufactured for the event that will either take place by next weekend or the middle of next week around the time the dollar collapses.  June 30th and July 1 are key to the impending doom that will soon follow and encompass the entire globe.  I will get to the religious aspect of this more so very soon.

Operation Blackjack is still a real possibility, but I believe that they wanted us to look at the wrong date, which is similar to the current controlled opposition on what they are currently doing too.  If you have seen and done the research on this, one cannot underestimate the level of evil and wickedness that is in this world.  Remember that the U.S. and UK are working together, and they have been for many years.  Now they are seeking this unnecessary war because Satan thinks he is a god when he is not and never will be.....the one true God is using Him for His glory, so that the world will come and know Jesus as Lord.

In regards to the more details about the religious aspect of this, even though it is a spiritual battle we will all soon see that is manifest in the physical, which I have seen much of in the past year.  Anyways, one should know that the very place where Islam began is where this start (WW3) of the last battle that will lead to the Valley of Megiddo In Israel outside of Jerusalem where all evil will be wiped out at the end of the 3.5 years.  All one has to do is look at Genesis, especially chapters 3 and 10 and Revelation 13.  Iraq is actually ancient Assyria and Iran is Babylon, which is what the current Isis group is attempting to do while doing their current jihad. 

With the abomination of desolation, one should take note of the Kaaba Stone that is in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  This is a real possibility in these last days because it is to be counterfeit to Jesus Christ Himself.  All throughout Scripture, the reader should notice this particular phrase, "The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone/cornerstone..." (Psalm 118:22; Matthew 21:42; Mark 12:10-11; Luke 20:17;Acts 4:11).  Currently, the black stone is on the corner of the temple in Saudi Arabia, and the Muslims believe that if they kiss it their sins are forgiven, which is a lie.  One will see a difference between Islamic and Christian prophecy with this stone coming to life; however, one should follow the book of Revelation (2 Timothy 3:16-17).  I tell you this, so that you are not deceived or surprised.  Even Jesus gave a hint that this would begin in the summertime in Matthew 24; Mark 13 and Luke 21.  All one needs to do is read their Bible, and before long it will make complete sense once this does hit the fan very soon- whether it is by next weekend or shortly after July 1, 2014.

All of this is bound to go down anytime during the month of Ramadan as I have stated before on a previous post entitled, "May 24-27th" is significant.  Ramadan actually begun as of June 28-July 30th.  We already have a Muslim Caliphate called Isis that changed it's name to IS, which is complete blasphemy, and don't forget that the person or dead thing in charge is Satan himself.  We are in prophetic times, and I am not one to set dates, but you better be ready because the time is NOW.  

Always walk in the Spirit if you follow Jesus or soon profess Him as Lord.  This is done in three ways.  1) Pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17); 2) Read/study/memorize God's Holy Word as much as possible; 3) Praise God in both good and bad times.  If you don't know Jesus, I encourage you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord before it is too late, especially if you don't have Him in your life right now.  Furthermore, I also want to encourage the church/bride/body to be strong, bold and courageous in these last days.  God is with you always (Matthew 28:16-20). 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Stage is Set- Are You Ready?

Before I go into the latest news, I want to provide for you my 4th encounter, which was more than likely the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who came to my house last night covertly thinking I would not notice.  What idiots!  Also, a friend of mine in Tulsa, OK had a minivan watch him the same day.  The government is now picking up the pace with war against us saints, and you better be prepared (Revelation 6; 12; 20).  One needs to walk in the Spirit now more than ever.  I cannot stress it enough.

I have confirmation of those white Chevy Trailblazers in the Wichita, KS area with one white male; although, this time, I saw a smaller version of a humvee that is black and white associated with it that had two males in it that followed behind the Chevy, and they both left together.  Here is my story of what happened as of June 16, 2014 about 7:35 p.m. CT.  I sensed something was off, and I immediately saw a white Chevy Trailblazer parked in front of my neighbors house but looking at mine.  My next door neighbor is in the Army and not a Christ follower, so I knew that they were not pursuing her but me.  Anyways, a white male appeared to be either talking on his phone or walkie talkie the entire time with his vehicle on.  I was saying to myself Matthew 16:23-24.  I stayed behind the window, yet he knew I was there.  What was interesting is that he would look away each time he saw me, so I knew something was up.  I believe he was in front of my house for at least 10 minutes, maybe more.  I took a picture, and it is attached on here for you as additional evidence to at least one of the vehicles I saw late this afternoon.

They knew my husband was gone, and shortly after they left, he arrived about 2-3 minutes later.  This was a planned attack just like last year when they tried to pursue me 3x and failed.  I praise God for protection!  He is so good.  Colossians 3:2.

I also want to make note that war is happening in the middle east and growing rapidly.  The U.S.  is setting up those in the military at the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq for those there to experience their impending death.  All the world is waiting on is for the U.S. to strike Iraq and Syria while Russia is occupied with Ukraine while having a false flag operation in the U.S. in order for all of this to take place.  A nuclear bomb or multiple of them is imminent globally.  Are you ready? Another thing is that the ISIS group has Baghdad surrounded, and they have cut off all water into the capital.

Also, keep in mind that Russia and Ukraine are now at war.  Russia has recently cut off the gas supply to Ukraine, and this is an act of war, especially after the Ukrainians crossed the Russian border, which provoked this all the more.  Don't forget about the U.S. government fomenting war with Europe in general by causing the latest gas pipeline explosion today.

The war is now and ever growing rapidly and daily.  Do you know Jesus?  Now is the time to repent, confess and accept Him as Lord before it is too late.  God bless you.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Be Prepared for the Inevitable

The inevitable is about to happen whether you want it to or not, and I believe Operation Blackjack will soon be used in order to usher in the so called "New World Order," when it is not new at all; although, one should pay close to attention to Iraq and Ukraine as well.  This coincides perfectly with my dream I had in April,and it goes well with my husband's too that we shared.  Why is the U.S. pushing so hard to get into Syria knowing that all of their puppet governments are falling a part?  They want this to go hot because it will cause global chaos and loss of life.  Plus, a nuclear bomb is a counterfeit to the Trinity.  All of this is getting planned right now according to the x22 Report.  Did you know that Russian bombers flew within 50 miles of the California coast as of Monday this week?  Yes, and now they know exactly what the U.S. is planning next to cause a global crisis, and this was covered up from mainstream and alternative media sites.  Even the IMF is warning of a housing crash, and the Pentagon is now prepping for mass civil breakdown.  One more thing, power plants are being shut down by the EPA. All of this coincides with what Ken Peter's saw from the Lord.  Is this for real?  Yes.  What are they planning or have been planning? named it.....Operation Blackjack, which was demonstrated on Simpsons and Jericho television episodes to occur as of June 22, 2014.  You all better be taking this seriously because it is in the works, and I did not set these dates but Satan and his minions that you will soon see. 

Once war takes place, this will be used as a means of covering up the global economic collapse that is already in shambles.  Russia is actually abandoning the dollar, which is accelerating this crisis, and making way for the new world reserve currency.  Need I remind you that there is no such thing as a one world currency because this is no where in Scripture at all, especially Revelation 13.  People globally are struggling to pay bills, and they are not alone.  Also, Steve Forbes has spoken of catastrophe because of the dollar being debased.  We are under the rule of the Roman Empire that has conquered the globe.  Do you realize the ramification of this?  If not, then please read specifically Revelation 6 and 13.  I hope that the dots are connecting, if not connected for you because of how late the hour is with everything.  You will soon see walking dead things without souls globally.  Their purpose is the same as Satan's, which is to steal, kill and destroy as in the days of Noah, so we are living out now.  Regardless, all of this will happen again because evil keeps repeating itself rather than learning from it.   

What can you do to prepare?  Walk in the Spirit- practice this daily, and get away from technology as much as possible.  You will be glad you did because very soon you will not have it, and I urge you to not take the Mark of the Beast when this does go down because you will face God's wrath and end up in Hell, which is exactly what Satan wants to he and his minions can laugh and mock you all they want for you falling for their evil schemes.  I have taught you how to overcome, and Jesus is our prime example of it.  He deserves the glory.  Now the rest is up to you.  You better be prepared both spiritually and physically because life is about to change as you know it.  May God bless you richly in these last days, and you are in my prayers. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Current State of the Church is Apostate

I was having a conversation with a family member the other day who is asleep to what is going on in the world.  Read Revelation 3 for your reference with the lukewarm church, and what will happen to them.  Any ways, while talking to her, I got upset because the problem is that this world is quick to judge.  Do you remember the false prophet saying a person isn't a Christian if they don't go to or take part in a church?  Well, for those who believe this idiot, my heart breaks for you.  You believe that what is good is now evil, and what is evil is now good (Isaiah 5:20).  Woe to you who act that way!  You're quick to judge (Matthew 23), rather than getting to know the person for who they truly are because "man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7).

The church is apostate for crying out loud (2 Timothy 3-4), and do you know where it stems from?  The Catholic Church, which has its roots from the Greeks and Romans.  All one has to do is research how the church became apostate in America and globally, and he or she will become amazed.  Yes, none of this is new, but it won't stop until Jesus Christ returns.   Oh, how I long to be with Him forever in His time!

Regardless, we are not in normal times, and now you know how deep the lie goes, but if you know God's Word it is huge rabbit hole ever since the days of Noah in Genesis 6, but also during and before Adam and Eve in Genesis 3.  This is why I encourage people to not go to an apostate church that is government ran.  I used to work for many churches and get paid to do ministry.  One should look at the New Testament church to see if they were paid or not, and if the government ran their church to see if this should be occurring today.  The answer is simple, "No," but it won't end for at least another 3.5 years, and we are nearly at that point.  Are you seeing the big picture?

The true Church will overcome and endure to the end by not conforming to the world (Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21; Romans 12).  Right now this is difficult to see, but it won't be long now.  For those of you are awake, I thank God for you, and I will do the same with others who do wake up as well and come and know Jesus as Lord of their life too.  I cannot stress it enough that if you don't have Jesus now to please repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord before it is too late.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life is About to Change as You Know It Very Soon

The other day on my show on Blogtalk Radio, I spoke of how life is about to change, and I may have come across quite preachy, and this is how the Lord led me upon which I am very thankful.  God is so good.  Anyways, I broke down events from May 24th to the present, and that the Betelgeuse star is in progress of going supernova (Read Revelation 9- 5th Trumpet to get the entire picture, and research this topic further).  The information I shared was very heavy, and the Holy Spirit gave me the words to say.  Most will have a difficult time hearing it because Judgement has arrived, and it won't be long now before we are in the Great Tribulation. 

I later discussed parts of my husband's dream, and that the Lord allowed me the opportunity to share and confirm it further of how late the hour is with what we both saw back in April or May of what is coming at the end of June.  At this point, I have no doubt in my mind that this is about to occur because of how world events are taking place.  One really needs to be prepared spiritually first and foremost by learning how to walk in the Spirit. 1)  Pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17); 2) Read/study/memorize God's Holy Word as much as possible (such as the Bereans in the book of Acts); 3) Praise God in both good and bad times.

While talking about this, I also mentioned how the 6/22/14 date from the latest article that had the Simpsons and Jericho shows mentioned it as well.  I went over briefly has much truth to it, and how the UK said that they have 2 weeks to prepare for a cyber attack, which is really nuclear war.  All of this coincides perfectly with what we saw. 

Don't forget about my dream I had about me being in the military to set off an EMP in the United States, and then after that a school teacher in the western times of how life used to be previously.  None of this is a coincidence, and all of it is very close. 

Now if you have been paying attention and using discernment and wisdom from the Lord with the news much evil is increasing.  Recently, Diane Fieinstein had the never to introduce a new gun bill to confiscate guns.  Really?  The first went under, and now she does it again.  She or whatever she is needs to repent and stop acting so stupid.

Did you also know that the U.S. banks are now going to be soon charging for anyone who deposits into the accounts?  Anyone who does will experience negative interest rates, which will cause the banks and the American people (besides the world) to go under with complete economic collapse.  Read Revelation 6 and 13 to see how this all fits in to the big picture of what is currently taking place.  Also, get your money out of the bank as soon as possible if you can.

Since it is Sunday June 8th, one should note that the false prophet is offering up fake prayers that are meaningless in regards to the peace summit between Israel and Palestine.  This also pertains to Daniel 9, especially since most of it is already getting fulfilled (already in the 70th week, and no, there is not a 7 year tribulation).  Every time I see his picture I sense evil, and the same is true for when he took his Roman office.  Anyways, when he claims that there is peace; in reality, that is a lie, but don't forget that he is also reading from the Quran, and proclaiming the One World Religion today, and it makes me sick.  Peace will return once Jesus does at the end of the 3.5 years- Revelation 20-  NEVER believe the false prophet who is Satan's cohort in crime, or you will be deceived, and end up in the pit of Hell.   

I want to encourage all of you to research further into the so called Catholic church, and find out what it really is about.  This entire world is under Roman rule, and this goes back as far as Babylon in Iraq, but would could say that it goes farther than that, such as Nimrod or the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, and then look at Genesis 6 and 11 too.  Also, please consider Revelation 17-19 too.

Life as we know it really is about to change, and we have roughly a week to go before many nuclear bombs go off in the world, and we see red in the sky from the Betelgeuse star going supernova, and the imminent worldwide earthquake.  We are truly living out Bible prophecy, and this will soon come to pass more so very soon.  Do you know Jesus?  If not, then I encourage you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept and Him as Lord of your life before it is too late.  This spiritual war will soon show itself to you physically, and I have seen it at my door three times last year besides getting indirect attacks this year because they are afraid of me, and I praise God for that.  For those of you who Jesus in life already, please be strong, steadfast, endure, and you will overcome by walking in the Spirit.  God is much bigger than all of this evil, and He is in control.  He loves His creation very much.  

Have a blessed day.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

God's Judgement Has Come

The Earth is about to shake like a drunkard more so since March 2014 when our planet was officially off its axis.  Of course, one should look into this further by looking at the pole shifts and strange weather phenomenon that have increased since then.  Anyways, now things have continued to increase exponentially.  For example, we already know about the Pope getting together with Israel and Palestinian leaders for "prayer" on June 6th, but this was changed six days ago to June 8th.  Regardless, the timing is perfect because the planets are to align again....go figure.  Remember the world's reaction when that happened again on December 21, 2012.  Everyone that it was going to end, yet it didn't.  Therefore, do not believe everything you read and hear about out there because not everything is true.  Would you even believe that the Bethlehem church that the false prophet visited caught on fire?  These are all signs of God's judgement upon the Earth, but most are not heeding to the warning, which breaks my heart.

None of this should come as a surprise to you as it is not new, but is at least 6,000 years old from the days of Noah in which we are living now.    Let me provide for you some more insight as to what is taking place in the world, and how it will effect the United States, and in turn cause havoc for the entire world.  I have even warned of this on my show on BTR many times too.  Anyways, do you remember how I spoke of the Pavlof volcano in Alaska in a previous post on here?  Well, the following day it erupted.  Was this a coincidence?  Nope.  By me providing my testimony to you, prophecy came to pass as exactly during Noah's time (Revelation 19).  Technically, the earthquake that occurred was at least a 6.0, but as usual the USGS covered it up, and this is connected to Yellowstone National Park, San Andreas Fault, New Madrid Fault, and all fault lines globally, which will cause all super volcanoes to go off in the world here very soon (Ken Peters:  I Saw the Tribulation). 

Here is some more information that you need to know.  Did you know that there has been an earthquake swarm of 4.0 or higher at Yellowstone recently?  The park's webcam is down too.  People have fled that work there- besides animals.  Did you also know that there is now unusual seismic activity near Noatak, Alaska?  They too are a 4.5 or higher.  Do you see a connection here of what is taking place?  Please read the book of Jasher as a reference to see what happened to all of the world's volcanoes then, and you will see a parallel to what is occurring now.  The Lord hears His saints.  Will you accept Jesus today before it is too late?  None of this is a coincidence, and the Earth is broken (Isaiah 24; Haggai 2:6; Hebrews 12).  We will soon see the complete fulfillment of the 6th seal of Revelation 6 that is currently taking place ever since the first of the four began as of April 15, 2014.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A False Flag is Imminent

Everything is rapidly changing daily, and the Bible will get fulfilled.  One cannot deny it with the times in which we are living.  In fact, what is good is considered evil, and what is evil is considered good.  This is demonstrated in the movies with how they prop up technology as a good thing when it is is not.  Now think of how this ties in to the book of Revelation that we are about to live out more so very soon. 

The stage is set for a false flag attack on the U.S, and the latest X22 Report breaks it down very well.  Basically, since Assad was re-elected back in to office, the U.S. has been ramping things up over there with their propaganda in order to make this war go hot globally.  In fact, Syria is the most dangerous place right now in the world, especially since war games are taking place over there since May 25th, but one could go back farther than that, of course.

Anyways, according to, the U.S. is planning a "first strike" at Russia, but what about China?  Both have made alliances with each other, and this can cause global chaos.  Did you know that the Star Wars weapons will be used in Romania, but since it is or could be on Russia's border, this could become a declaration of war?  Are you seeing what is going on here?  Things are about to get real nasty- real quick.  Now add to it the U.S. presence in Europe, which is making the situations escalate and quite dangerous. 

With Ukraine,  they have ramped everything up over there too, and Russia slammed them today for killing innocent people, and that is is linked to a US defense minister's visit to Kiev.  Apparently, 150 missiles were used and an administration building was bombed.  Rumor has it that they have now sent in APCs and trucks into the region, but we will soon see.   

Now keep in mind what Jesus said in Matthew 24; Mark 13 and Luke 21 in regards to Earthquakes.  They are ever increasing, and scientists are dumbfounded.  Well, I wonder why....not really- just being sarcastic at their stupidity.  Earthquakes are a sign of God's judgement.  Even I have felt aftershocks in KS, and I am anticipating one soon because of the recent 4.2 in Los Angeles, which has caused Yellowstone to have one of similar magnitude too.  With that in mind, the volcano activity with Pavlof in Alaska has gone from a watch to a warning.

This world is about to go into utter darkness with dead things from the abyss that you will soon see.  Do you know Jesus?  If not, I urge you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord before it is too late. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Homosexual Agenda is Evil

Homosexuality seems to have become the norm for not only the United States but also the world.  We are in the days of Noah- Genesis 6; Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 21.  None of this should surprise you; however, this is a hot topic that will get some heads turning, and I'm bound to receive inappropriate comments from those who choose to do evil rather than follow Jesus no matter what the cost.  Am I right?

Here is what the news of the day says about it.  The corrupt White House decided to declare June 'LGBT Month."  Yes, this is for real.  They did this because of wanting to remain lawless in their behavior by means of following Satan as much as one wants not thinking of the ramifications that will soon follow on Judgement Day (Revelation 20).  All of them should be tried for Treason, but the American people will revolt.  One cannot deny that at all.  Furthermore, Vladimir Putin whom is from Russia and having a part in the cold war soon to go hot rebuked the U.S. for "Abandoning God and Christian Values by Promoting Homosexuality and Homosexual Marriage."  He's not much different than Obummer, and is a wolf in sheep's clothing too.  In fact, all governments are like that today- hypocrites.  Those that are in these types of authority believe it is the ultimate battering ram in order to take away the good that occurs in marriage by causing separation for them to appear as god when they never will be unless they truly repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of their life before it is too late.   

In the military, those who are homosexual demand equal rights.  Give me a break!  They do not at all!  All of you whether you are in that position or a civilian will burn in Hell if you do not change yoru ways now.  You more than likely do not believe- well, I will continue to give you evidence from Scripture, and then maybe you will repent.  Until then, I will continue to pray for your soul.

Would you believe that a person who is a so-called activist said that the whole purpose is to destroy marriage?  This is on with the hyperlink provided above.  One should become alarmed at finding out this information, even though it is nothing new because it was Satan's plan all along, so he in his sick and twisted and mind could rule the world for 3.5 years, yet be used for God's glory in order for people to come to know Jesus as Lord.

I remember that when I used to work for an apostate church for over two years in Wichita, KS that there was a gay pride parade held there ever year during the early summer.  Yes, and I believe this happens in every city nationwide if I remember correctly.  One should go out there and tell them, "No!"  You may think that saying that will do no good.  Well, it will because it may require your life in that process, especially since it is a part of giving your testimony of how great and awesome God is and has been in your life all these years.  After all, anyone who has Jesus wins because God is bigger than man's stupidity.

Now let us examine Scripture on what God's Holy Word has to say about this, and then you decide from there on your stance because after all if you are for it his ridiculous agenda, you will be in Hell.  It's just that simple.  Take ir or leave it, and I will continue to pray for you until I am with my Savior forever and my loving family in Heaven.

Genesis 18; 19:1-29
Leviticus 18:22; 20:13
Judges 19
Romans 1
Galatians 5
1 Corinthians 6:9-11
1 Timothy 1:8-10
Jude 7

 God bless you.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The New World Order Has Been Declared

Much has happened since I last updated you.  This blog is now on thousands of major search engines, so please feel free to tell your family and friends to read it when they get the opportunity before it is permanently taken down by the corrupt government that is controlled by Satan and the False Prophet.  After all, all one needs to do is read the book of Enoch (1 out of 366 books), and learn that technology is rooted in evil; however, I choose to use it for good.  The same applies here as I do with my show on Blogtalk Radio, and I have left my post on that site to come on here and reach a new audience.  This was God's Will for me, and I'm so glad He led me this way.  Anyways, here is my reasoning.  1) Bring people to know Jesus as Lord, 2) Edify the body of Christ, and 3) Wake people up globally.  My objectives have not changed as one can see when reading this.  Enough about let us get to the nitty gritty of the news you need to know.

As you can tell by the title, "The New World Order" has been declared by those in the United States.  This includes Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel and Obummer.  All of which need to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of their life before it is too late.  Otherwise, they will spend eternity in Hell with Satan mocking them for falling for his schemes and lies.  This is significant because this happened during Noah's time- nearly 6,000 years ago, and it came in the form of a flood; however, this time it is going to be much different if you read Daniel, Revelation and many other books of God's Holy Word.  Another good book to read is "Perilous Times & Biblical Comfort."

With that being said, let us look at what is about to happen with more details during the first week of June.  Remember that nothing is a coincidence-nothing!  Read the book of Ecclesiastes for your own reference.  On the X22 Report three days ago with the show entitled, "U.S. Pushing the Syrian Agenda, Now Training Mercenaries for the Event," much heavy information was shared.  He mentioned that there will be gas shortages as of June 3rd.  I'm not sure if it is globally or regionally, but this is significant because it will cause WW3 to go hot.

Now keep in mind that the Syrian elections are also on June 3rd.  Do you remember Dave Hodges article about WW3 about to go insane between May 25-June 8th?  Are you seeing the big picture with what is taking place in the world?  This is not new, and now it is very alarming into what is taking place.   

Here is something else you probably did not know.  Turkey began about 1.5 months ago reducing the water in the Euphrates for the countries of Iraq and Syria; however, it was two weeks ago, when they cut it off completely.  As you can tell, this will cause war along with the gas shortages too all around the same time.  None of this is a laughing matter, and it is a means of having this war go nuclear hot because the tensions are rising daily.  The eastern hemisphere is in turmoil, and it will not be long before the entire globe is in utter darkness.

I cannot stress it enough that if you do not have Jesus in your life to please repent, confess and accept Him before it is too late (Acts 2:38; 3:19; 4:12).  In the meantime, I will do my best to keep you updated as the Lord leads me (Psalm 23; 27; 91).  God bless you.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

We are in the calm before the storm in the United States; however, most countries are having wars or on the verge of them.  Yes, this does include America.  Many of you already know that Ukraine is in crisis, and they have Chechen military about a land in judgement and being used in order to bring about the so called "New World Order," when there is nothing new under the sun (Ecc. 1:9).  I discussed in my last blog entry that two sets of wargames are taking place now, and this includes Ukraine and the middle east.  The last time this happened was 6,000 years ago during Noah's time, and we are seeing it repeated yet again.  None of this should surprise you, but it should alarm you enough to realize how late the hour is in regards to entering the Great Tribulation by the end of next week. 

In regards to North and South Korea, the U.S. is escalating this conflict too, which was demonstrated the evening of May 26th.  This is mainly by means of espionage and surveillance in order to gain intel, which is making that part of the world very angry.  No one should mess with North Korea because they are insane, and could become one of the first to set off a nuke in the world, which will change life forever on this planet.  The problem is that the NSA is doing this to nearly every country in the world by invading others privacy, which is wrong in every which way.  No one deserves this, and I do not see enough people speaking out against this tyranny globally.  Will you?

What has also happened is that China has now sunk a Vietnamese fishing boat as of May 26th.  Can one imagine how Vietnam will respond to this?  Are you starting to see more of a pattern in the world, and the fact that we really are in Daniel's 70th week?

All one needs to wait for now is an EMP false flag from the U.S. military to set things off globally, which can happen anytime from May 25-June 8.  You can count on this happening around that time frame because of the fact that in June the false prophet has a special seat or throne on Mount Zion in Jerusalem in June.  This is after the covenant is broken on June 6th with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.  The timeline of events is in your face, and there really is no denying the truth because Jesus warned of it in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 as well as in the major and minor Prophets of the Old Testament and the majority of the New Testament.  If you are not prepared by now, you are in for a rude awakening that will happen at any moment when you least expect it.

Where I live, I have heard an increase of military airplanes flying around.  This tells me that they are preparing for war.  Also, at Fort Riley, KS, I saw construction vehicles, such as a tank and dump trucks that will get used for martial law.  In that part of the state, this has never been the case in the past, but it is reality now in the present, and everyone should question and prepare both spiritually and physically for this incoming spiritual battle.  I have given you three key points in a previous blog on how to walk in the Spirit that is shown all throughout Scripture, and I encourage you to check it out, apply and practice it as much as possible, so that you can overcome (Revelation 6-7; 12; 20).

We may be in the calm before the storm, but is it really calm?  This is the question to ask oneself as time really runs out fast.  Never give into the lies of the false prophet who is already deceiving the world with his false peace and one world religions junk that are demonstrated in Daniel 9 and Revelation 13.  Before long, you will see Satan on television claiming to be god when he is not (2 Thessalonians 2).  The entire purpose of the Great Tribulation is to take your soul to Hell; however, the saints will not comply because our names are written in the Book of Life.  Is yours?  If not, then please repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of your life before it is too late. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Daniel 9 is Being Fulfilled as of May 25, 2014

We are officially in Daniel's 70th week as of May 25, 2014.  Before I begin quoting others who have confirmed the covenant with the pope or in this case false prophet.  Let me show you Scripture first.

Daniel 9:25-27
25 “Know and understand this: From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One,the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. 26 After the sixty-two ‘sevens,’ the Anointed One will be put to death and will have nothing. The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. The end will come like a flood: War will continue until the end, and desolations have been decreed. 27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’  In the middle of the ‘seven’he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.

The key verses one needs to pay attention to are 26-27.  The beginning part of 26 refers to Jesus, and then after that it is in reference to the Pope who is the Beast of the Earth of Revelation 13.  His visit has consisted of uniting Islam, Judaism and Christianity, but to also make the covenant confirmed as well.  Yes, on June 6th, he is going to have the Israeli and Palestinian leaders come to his apartment for a prayer vigil in order to have them compromise, which will bring about the middle of the 70th week that Daniel spoke of; however, during that time more chaos will ensue the Earth as a result, and we will be in utter darkness.  

Let me show you how the covenant was confirmed as of May 25th besides what I have shown you in Scripture just now.  Here is what the false prophet said yesterday besides him going around the entire weekend and desecrating the most holiest sites in the world with his paganism. 

"The time has come for everyone to find the courage... to forge a peace which rests on the acknowledgement by all of the right of two states to exist and to live in peace and security within internationally recognized borders," he urged.

“There is a need to intensify efforts and initiatives aimed at creating the conditions for a stable peace based on justice, on the recognition of rights for every individual, and on mutual security,” Francis said. Peace “must resolutely be pursued, even if each side has to make certain sacrifices.”

Mr. Netanyahu said at the ceremony, “Our hand is outstretched in peace to whoever wants to live with us in peace,” but also referred to Jerusalem as Israel’s “eternal capital, the heart of our faith,” anathema to Palestinians’ aspirations to have East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

Addressing Israelis, Abbas said: “Let’s make peace based on justice and mutual respect. Like you, we seek stability for our people.”
He said that as soon as Israel withdraws to the pre- 1967 lines, all the Arab and Islamic countries would recognize Israel and immediately establish diplomatic ties with it.

Notice the peace and security phrase.  This pertains to 1 Thessalonians 5.  He is forcing this knowing that it is not going to work because he cannot bring peace only Jesus Christ can and will do that in the next 3.5 years.  Also, look at the crowds in the pictures with all of the masses he has held in Jordan and Israel.  This further confirms it because of him going to and desecrating the most holiest places in the world.  For example, when he was above King David's tomb, lightning struck the one world trade tower, which is Babylonian and demonic (just read Genesis 11).  The way I see it he has no business being there, but it is time for Bible Prophecy to get rapidly fulfilled, and it is up to you to maintain your testimony and endure and overcome as demonstrated in Revelation 6-7; 12; 20.

Now on May 25th, desolations were decreed, and let me demonstrate this through Dave Hodges article.    The CAX between Jordan, Israel and the U.S. has commenced.  This includes Operation Juniper Cobra (Israel) and Operation Eager Lion (Jordan) occurred yesterday. 

The NATO wargames are to be jointly held in Moldova with various NATO allies occurs at or around June 8th.  Putin cannot afford to allow NATO forces to consolidate so quickly otherwise he will lose strategic advantage to take Ukraine as a whole.  This will also allow Obama and the central bankers to invade Syria prior to June 6.  You may be wondering why.  Bahsar-al-Assad is more than likely to be re-elected at that time.  A logical step is to take Iran through nuking it (this includes Syria and Ukraine).  None of you should be surprised to see flight MH 370 come back into existence in order to initiate an EMP on the United States, which the Lord showed me a dream about in April that I will never forget; however, I'm not the only one who believes this will occur (watch Ken Peters:  I Saw the Tribulation on YouTube).  In the midst of the wars that are taking place and will occur by the end of next week at the latest the U.S. dollar is being destroyed by Russia at their St. Petersburg International Forum. 

Do you see that everything is in motion?  Bible prophecy has begun to get fulfilled more so since May 25th.  The false prophet's visit can and is a distraction, and so is war because the real agenda is for Satan to take your soul.  Literally, we are in dangerous times beginning anytime during the first week of June, and we are in Daniel's 70th week.  Are you ready for the Great Tribulation?  If you do not have Jesus in your life, I urge you now more than ever to please repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of your life before it is too late.  Always remember to walk in the Spirit, and to provide your testimony in these last days, and you will be with Jesus forever, which makes it all worth it.  God bless you. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The False Prophet is Rising

The False Prophet is rising.  He is now about to confirm a covenant with many as of Sunday May 25th, and on the same day break it with his announcement to put an end to sacrifice and offering.  You just watch.  Life is really about to change as we know it.  Are you prepared for complete chaos?  This is what the entire world will soon see, and do not be deceived by the counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders by the beast of the Earth (Revelation 13) for he will do this in order to have world domination with Satan himself who will meet their demise in the lake of fire in the pit of Hell (Revelation 20) at the end of the 3.5 years when Jesus returns. 

Let me give you some additional proof that he is truly coming to his earthly hellish throne in order to wipe out humanity with his devil friend, Satan.  One, the signs are everywhere in the sun, moon, earth, etc.  Two earthquakes have rattled the middle east just today alone.  One in Israel, which was a 4.1, and the other was a 6.9, but in reality was over a 7.0 since the USGS likes to lie about the real numbers.  We are now in comet linear's path, and NASA has confirmed that the debris will hit the moon and Earth (read Revelation 8).  Don't forget that the Betelgeuse star is supposed to roughly become supernova as of May 27th.  Are you starting to see a pattern?  Also, the entire Earth is experiencing a geomagnetic storm, and it is a rated a 5, which is considered severe (from a scale of 1-5).  Two, the vatican keeps claiming that they are willing to baptize dead things, such as aliens, that are demons in the flesh, literally.  This is complete blasphemy, and they cannot be saved.  Do not believe this lie.  The False Prophet believes the RFID is a good thing, and that it cannot cause any harm.  What a lie!  Read what happens to those who take the mark of the beast in Revelation.  He has also urged all religions to unite, and now look at his trip in Israel with him bringing a rabbi and an imam.  This is complete blasphemy!  He has been caught doing a Satanic ritual in public too.  Furthermore, he speaks of not believing in God to go to Heaven, and this is complete contrary to what Jesus said in John 14:6, which makes him all the more a liar.  Do not believe a word he says.  Do you hear me?  I cannot stress it enough.  Through his actions, he has denied the Gospel twice if not more.  Three, he continues to make war against us saints as demonstrated in Daniel 7 and Revelation 13.  For example, he says anyone that is a right-wing Christian is ill.  I might add the global wealth redistribution that he has demanded, which goes with Revelation 6 and 13.  He has some nerve to say that without the church a person is not considered a Christian.  He is not God and never will be- DON'T LISTEN TO THIS BASTARD!         

I want to encourage you all more than ever as I have proven to you through undeniable evidence that the false prophet is literally rising this weekend.  Do not fall for his lies and all the counterfeit signs, miracles and wonders he will soon perform for he is not God and never will be (Read Revelation 17-19 to see what happens to Rome, Italy in the end; also read Revelation 20 to see what happens to him too).  We are truly living in Biblical times, and the Great Tribulation could begin if he puts an end to sacrifice and offering in accordance with Daniel 9 as of tomorrow because earlier in the day, he will confirm the covenant with many, which is with Israel and Palestine in Bethlehem.  This should be alarming enough for you on how late the hour is, and that life is really about to change as we know it.  Do you know Jesus?  If not, will you please repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of your life before it is too late?  God bless you, and always walk in the Spirit for you have nothing to fear because God is in control, and not Satan and his dead minions. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Mark of the Beast is Here

Have you ever thought of the fact that the Mark of the Beast is actually here?  Well, it is true, and Ken Peters told us it would be voluntary first before it is mandatory.  Do you remember?  This is significant because now the powers that be are pushing this to occur now more than ever.  This is not a good sign.

I don't know if any of you have seen the ex DARPA Director speak of this on YouTube, but she is all for it; a transhumanist agenda as a part of Satan's so called New World Order when this is not new, and tried to happen during Noah's time nearly 6,000 years ago.  Seriously, read the book of Enoch, and you will see that technology is evil period.  A person can choose to use it for good, such as doing a blog or hosting a radio show while using discernment and wisdom from the Lord. 

Now I read in the news that biometrics are becoming mandatory in airports.  Really?  Please keep in mind that retail stores are implementing this as well, such as Wal-Mart.  Are you now seeing the big picture?  Yes, this is coming in the form of a tattoo and the RFID microchip.  None of this is a good.  Do you remember the pope who is now rising to power as the Beast of the Earth (Revelation 13) demanding the UN to redistribute wealth globally?  This pertains also to Revelation 6.  His goal is to make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer in order to make the Mark of the Beast mandatory very soon.  The pope controls the UN for that matter.  All one has to do is research into how corrupt the Catholic Church is, and read Revelation 17-19.

You may think I am making this up, and that is okay; however, I have backed up all of what I wrote on here as evidence for you to research further and to take to Jesus.  He will show you the way.  All you have to do is trust in Him no matter what the cost.  Will you do so today before it is too late?  Time is literally running out, and I gave evidence of that with the March 24-27th time frame recently. 

God bless you.     

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is Controlled Opposition?

I recently did a show a month ago on "Tribulation News" that is worth checking out if you get the chance.  It is called, "What is Controlled Opposition?"  While on the air, I exposed talk show hosts and guests were are disinfo agents who work for the United States government.  This is worth the listen as these individuals claim to be Christians and fake patriots simultaneously.  You will be amazed.  Anyways, I am going to post some links on here to get you going with your research into this topic further because I will stop at nothing to expose those who are wolves in sheep's clothing- false prophets.  Jesus warned us of this much for these last days in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.  I even fell for these indivduals too as I continue to learn and grow in the Lord daily, so you are not alone.  Now I have nothing to do with those people, but I continue to pray that they truly repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of their life before it is too late.

Here is a list I came up with while doing my research.  I am sure there are more out that that I could put on here, but it is important that I post this to make you aware of how late the hour is, and how close we are to the Great Tribulation.  I don't just accuse to accuse without evidence present, and these individuals need exposed further, and I praise God that this has been the case in the past few weeks.  God is so good. 

All Patriot Radio hosts
Christian Identity Movement
Al Franken
Alan Watt – The "Ultimate Gatekeeper"
Adam Kokesh
Amy Goodman
Andrew Napolitano
Alex Jones
Anita Fuentes
Ann Barnhardt
Anthony Hilder
Barry Zwicker
Benjamin Fulford
Bill Deagle
Bill Salus
Bill Bennett
Bill O'Reilly
Bob Bowman
Brother Marcus
Charlie Veitch
Chris Simcox
Craig Oxley
Dahboo 7
Dave Emory
Dave Hodges
David Icke
David Ray Griffin
David Shayler
David Suzuki
David Wilcock
David Lankford
Don Nicoloff
Doug and Joe Hagmann
Dylon Avery (Loose Change)
Eli James
Erich "Mancow" Muller
Eric Jon Phelps
Finton Dunn
Fritz Springemeir
G. Gordon Liddy
Gary Bell
"Genghis" (Scott Vincent)
George Noory
Gerald Celente
Glenn Beck
Greg Palast
Greg Evenson
Greg Szymanski
Hal Lindsey
Henry Gruver
Howard Stern
Irvin Baxter
Jack McLamb – Member of CNP (Council for National Policy)
Jerome Corsi – Member of CNP (Council for National Policy)
Jeff Rense
Jeffrey Hill (a.k.a. Shure)
Jeff Schwilk
Jesse Ventura
Jim Gilchrist
John Hall
Josh Jones
John B. Wells
John Hagee
Keith Hansen (a.k.a. Vyzygoth)
Keith Olbermann
Kevin Barrett
James (Jimi) Walbert
James Stachowiak
Jim Marrs
Jim Garrow
John Moore
Jordan Maxwell
Josh Tolley
Ken Adachi
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
L.A. Marzulli
Larry Grathwohl
Lenny Bloom
Leo Zagami
Loooooong (aka Amor Mohadi)
Linda Hunnicutt
Leonard Horowitz
Lou Dobbs
Mark Levin
Max Keiser
Mel Novak
Meria Heller
Michael Moore
Michael Reagan
Michael Savage
Michael Tsarion
Michelle Hopkins
Mark Dice
Nathan Leal
Nico Haupt
Noam Chomsky
Orly Taitz
Paul Begley
Paul McGuire
Paul Hegstrom
Paula Gloria (New Ager)
Peter Christian
Phillip Hoag
Project Avalon
Red Ice Radio
Rabbi Jonestein
Ray Carroll
Red Ice Creations
Richard Gage
Richard Mack
Rick and Annie C
Rick Wiles
Robert McClary
Robert Steele ("ex" CIA)
Ron Paul/Rand Paul
Rush Limbaugh
Russell Brand
Scott Stevens
Shannon Davis
Sean Penn
Simon Shack
Stan Deyo
Stephen Eichler
Steve Quayle
Steve Mason
Steven Jones
Stew Webb
Susan Price
Ted Gunderson
Ted Cruz
Ted Broer
Texe Marrs
Thomas Richards
Timothy Patrick White
Tom Flocco
Tom Henegan
Tom Horn
Wayne Jett
Webfairy (Rosalee Grable)
Webster Tarpley
William Rodrequiz

I wish you the best as you study these names and discover more here in the near future.