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Saturday, May 31, 2014

The New World Order Has Been Declared

Much has happened since I last updated you.  This blog is now on thousands of major search engines, so please feel free to tell your family and friends to read it when they get the opportunity before it is permanently taken down by the corrupt government that is controlled by Satan and the False Prophet.  After all, all one needs to do is read the book of Enoch (1 out of 366 books), and learn that technology is rooted in evil; however, I choose to use it for good.  The same applies here as I do with my show on Blogtalk Radio, and I have left my post on that site to come on here and reach a new audience.  This was God's Will for me, and I'm so glad He led me this way.  Anyways, here is my reasoning.  1) Bring people to know Jesus as Lord, 2) Edify the body of Christ, and 3) Wake people up globally.  My objectives have not changed as one can see when reading this.  Enough about let us get to the nitty gritty of the news you need to know.

As you can tell by the title, "The New World Order" has been declared by those in the United States.  This includes Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel and Obummer.  All of which need to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of their life before it is too late.  Otherwise, they will spend eternity in Hell with Satan mocking them for falling for his schemes and lies.  This is significant because this happened during Noah's time- nearly 6,000 years ago, and it came in the form of a flood; however, this time it is going to be much different if you read Daniel, Revelation and many other books of God's Holy Word.  Another good book to read is "Perilous Times & Biblical Comfort."

With that being said, let us look at what is about to happen with more details during the first week of June.  Remember that nothing is a coincidence-nothing!  Read the book of Ecclesiastes for your own reference.  On the X22 Report three days ago with the show entitled, "U.S. Pushing the Syrian Agenda, Now Training Mercenaries for the Event," much heavy information was shared.  He mentioned that there will be gas shortages as of June 3rd.  I'm not sure if it is globally or regionally, but this is significant because it will cause WW3 to go hot.

Now keep in mind that the Syrian elections are also on June 3rd.  Do you remember Dave Hodges article about WW3 about to go insane between May 25-June 8th?  Are you seeing the big picture with what is taking place in the world?  This is not new, and now it is very alarming into what is taking place.   

Here is something else you probably did not know.  Turkey began about 1.5 months ago reducing the water in the Euphrates for the countries of Iraq and Syria; however, it was two weeks ago, when they cut it off completely.  As you can tell, this will cause war along with the gas shortages too all around the same time.  None of this is a laughing matter, and it is a means of having this war go nuclear hot because the tensions are rising daily.  The eastern hemisphere is in turmoil, and it will not be long before the entire globe is in utter darkness.

I cannot stress it enough that if you do not have Jesus in your life to please repent, confess and accept Him before it is too late (Acts 2:38; 3:19; 4:12).  In the meantime, I will do my best to keep you updated as the Lord leads me (Psalm 23; 27; 91).  God bless you.

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