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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What is Controlled Opposition?

I recently did a show a month ago on "Tribulation News" that is worth checking out if you get the chance.  It is called, "What is Controlled Opposition?"  While on the air, I exposed talk show hosts and guests were are disinfo agents who work for the United States government.  This is worth the listen as these individuals claim to be Christians and fake patriots simultaneously.  You will be amazed.  Anyways, I am going to post some links on here to get you going with your research into this topic further because I will stop at nothing to expose those who are wolves in sheep's clothing- false prophets.  Jesus warned us of this much for these last days in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.  I even fell for these indivduals too as I continue to learn and grow in the Lord daily, so you are not alone.  Now I have nothing to do with those people, but I continue to pray that they truly repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord of their life before it is too late.

Here is a list I came up with while doing my research.  I am sure there are more out that that I could put on here, but it is important that I post this to make you aware of how late the hour is, and how close we are to the Great Tribulation.  I don't just accuse to accuse without evidence present, and these individuals need exposed further, and I praise God that this has been the case in the past few weeks.  God is so good. 

All Patriot Radio hosts
Christian Identity Movement
Al Franken
Alan Watt – The "Ultimate Gatekeeper"
Adam Kokesh
Amy Goodman
Andrew Napolitano
Alex Jones
Anita Fuentes
Ann Barnhardt
Anthony Hilder
Barry Zwicker
Benjamin Fulford
Bill Deagle
Bill Salus
Bill Bennett
Bill O'Reilly
Bob Bowman
Brother Marcus
Charlie Veitch
Chris Simcox
Craig Oxley
Dahboo 7
Dave Emory
Dave Hodges
David Icke
David Ray Griffin
David Shayler
David Suzuki
David Wilcock
David Lankford
Don Nicoloff
Doug and Joe Hagmann
Dylon Avery (Loose Change)
Eli James
Erich "Mancow" Muller
Eric Jon Phelps
Finton Dunn
Fritz Springemeir
G. Gordon Liddy
Gary Bell
"Genghis" (Scott Vincent)
George Noory
Gerald Celente
Glenn Beck
Greg Palast
Greg Evenson
Greg Szymanski
Hal Lindsey
Henry Gruver
Howard Stern
Irvin Baxter
Jack McLamb – Member of CNP (Council for National Policy)
Jerome Corsi – Member of CNP (Council for National Policy)
Jeff Rense
Jeffrey Hill (a.k.a. Shure)
Jeff Schwilk
Jesse Ventura
Jim Gilchrist
John Hall
Josh Jones
John B. Wells
John Hagee
Keith Hansen (a.k.a. Vyzygoth)
Keith Olbermann
Kevin Barrett
James (Jimi) Walbert
James Stachowiak
Jim Marrs
Jim Garrow
John Moore
Jordan Maxwell
Josh Tolley
Ken Adachi
Dr. Laura Schlessinger
L.A. Marzulli
Larry Grathwohl
Lenny Bloom
Leo Zagami
Loooooong (aka Amor Mohadi)
Linda Hunnicutt
Leonard Horowitz
Lou Dobbs
Mark Levin
Max Keiser
Mel Novak
Meria Heller
Michael Moore
Michael Reagan
Michael Savage
Michael Tsarion
Michelle Hopkins
Mark Dice
Nathan Leal
Nico Haupt
Noam Chomsky
Orly Taitz
Paul Begley
Paul McGuire
Paul Hegstrom
Paula Gloria (New Ager)
Peter Christian
Phillip Hoag
Project Avalon
Red Ice Radio
Rabbi Jonestein
Ray Carroll
Red Ice Creations
Richard Gage
Richard Mack
Rick and Annie C
Rick Wiles
Robert McClary
Robert Steele ("ex" CIA)
Ron Paul/Rand Paul
Rush Limbaugh
Russell Brand
Scott Stevens
Shannon Davis
Sean Penn
Simon Shack
Stan Deyo
Stephen Eichler
Steve Quayle
Steve Mason
Steven Jones
Stew Webb
Susan Price
Ted Gunderson
Ted Cruz
Ted Broer
Texe Marrs
Thomas Richards
Timothy Patrick White
Tom Flocco
Tom Henegan
Tom Horn
Wayne Jett
Webfairy (Rosalee Grable)
Webster Tarpley
William Rodrequiz

I wish you the best as you study these names and discover more here in the near future.  

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