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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A False Flag is Imminent

Everything is rapidly changing daily, and the Bible will get fulfilled.  One cannot deny it with the times in which we are living.  In fact, what is good is considered evil, and what is evil is considered good.  This is demonstrated in the movies with how they prop up technology as a good thing when it is is not.  Now think of how this ties in to the book of Revelation that we are about to live out more so very soon. 

The stage is set for a false flag attack on the U.S, and the latest X22 Report breaks it down very well.  Basically, since Assad was re-elected back in to office, the U.S. has been ramping things up over there with their propaganda in order to make this war go hot globally.  In fact, Syria is the most dangerous place right now in the world, especially since war games are taking place over there since May 25th, but one could go back farther than that, of course.

Anyways, according to, the U.S. is planning a "first strike" at Russia, but what about China?  Both have made alliances with each other, and this can cause global chaos.  Did you know that the Star Wars weapons will be used in Romania, but since it is or could be on Russia's border, this could become a declaration of war?  Are you seeing what is going on here?  Things are about to get real nasty- real quick.  Now add to it the U.S. presence in Europe, which is making the situations escalate and quite dangerous. 

With Ukraine,  they have ramped everything up over there too, and Russia slammed them today for killing innocent people, and that is is linked to a US defense minister's visit to Kiev.  Apparently, 150 missiles were used and an administration building was bombed.  Rumor has it that they have now sent in APCs and trucks into the region, but we will soon see.   

Now keep in mind what Jesus said in Matthew 24; Mark 13 and Luke 21 in regards to Earthquakes.  They are ever increasing, and scientists are dumbfounded.  Well, I wonder why....not really- just being sarcastic at their stupidity.  Earthquakes are a sign of God's judgement.  Even I have felt aftershocks in KS, and I am anticipating one soon because of the recent 4.2 in Los Angeles, which has caused Yellowstone to have one of similar magnitude too.  With that in mind, the volcano activity with Pavlof in Alaska has gone from a watch to a warning.

This world is about to go into utter darkness with dead things from the abyss that you will soon see.  Do you know Jesus?  If not, I urge you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept Jesus as Lord before it is too late. 

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