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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life is About to Change as You Know It Very Soon

The other day on my show on Blogtalk Radio, I spoke of how life is about to change, and I may have come across quite preachy, and this is how the Lord led me upon which I am very thankful.  God is so good.  Anyways, I broke down events from May 24th to the present, and that the Betelgeuse star is in progress of going supernova (Read Revelation 9- 5th Trumpet to get the entire picture, and research this topic further).  The information I shared was very heavy, and the Holy Spirit gave me the words to say.  Most will have a difficult time hearing it because Judgement has arrived, and it won't be long now before we are in the Great Tribulation. 

I later discussed parts of my husband's dream, and that the Lord allowed me the opportunity to share and confirm it further of how late the hour is with what we both saw back in April or May of what is coming at the end of June.  At this point, I have no doubt in my mind that this is about to occur because of how world events are taking place.  One really needs to be prepared spiritually first and foremost by learning how to walk in the Spirit. 1)  Pray constantly (1 Thessalonians 5:17); 2) Read/study/memorize God's Holy Word as much as possible (such as the Bereans in the book of Acts); 3) Praise God in both good and bad times.

While talking about this, I also mentioned how the 6/22/14 date from the latest article that had the Simpsons and Jericho shows mentioned it as well.  I went over briefly has much truth to it, and how the UK said that they have 2 weeks to prepare for a cyber attack, which is really nuclear war.  All of this coincides perfectly with what we saw. 

Don't forget about my dream I had about me being in the military to set off an EMP in the United States, and then after that a school teacher in the western times of how life used to be previously.  None of this is a coincidence, and all of it is very close. 

Now if you have been paying attention and using discernment and wisdom from the Lord with the news much evil is increasing.  Recently, Diane Fieinstein had the never to introduce a new gun bill to confiscate guns.  Really?  The first went under, and now she does it again.  She or whatever she is needs to repent and stop acting so stupid.

Did you also know that the U.S. banks are now going to be soon charging for anyone who deposits into the accounts?  Anyone who does will experience negative interest rates, which will cause the banks and the American people (besides the world) to go under with complete economic collapse.  Read Revelation 6 and 13 to see how this all fits in to the big picture of what is currently taking place.  Also, get your money out of the bank as soon as possible if you can.

Since it is Sunday June 8th, one should note that the false prophet is offering up fake prayers that are meaningless in regards to the peace summit between Israel and Palestine.  This also pertains to Daniel 9, especially since most of it is already getting fulfilled (already in the 70th week, and no, there is not a 7 year tribulation).  Every time I see his picture I sense evil, and the same is true for when he took his Roman office.  Anyways, when he claims that there is peace; in reality, that is a lie, but don't forget that he is also reading from the Quran, and proclaiming the One World Religion today, and it makes me sick.  Peace will return once Jesus does at the end of the 3.5 years- Revelation 20-  NEVER believe the false prophet who is Satan's cohort in crime, or you will be deceived, and end up in the pit of Hell.   

I want to encourage all of you to research further into the so called Catholic church, and find out what it really is about.  This entire world is under Roman rule, and this goes back as far as Babylon in Iraq, but would could say that it goes farther than that, such as Nimrod or the fall of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, and then look at Genesis 6 and 11 too.  Also, please consider Revelation 17-19 too.

Life as we know it really is about to change, and we have roughly a week to go before many nuclear bombs go off in the world, and we see red in the sky from the Betelgeuse star going supernova, and the imminent worldwide earthquake.  We are truly living out Bible prophecy, and this will soon come to pass more so very soon.  Do you know Jesus?  If not, then I encourage you now more than ever to repent, confess and accept and Him as Lord of your life before it is too late.  This spiritual war will soon show itself to you physically, and I have seen it at my door three times last year besides getting indirect attacks this year because they are afraid of me, and I praise God for that.  For those of you who Jesus in life already, please be strong, steadfast, endure, and you will overcome by walking in the Spirit.  God is much bigger than all of this evil, and He is in control.  He loves His creation very much.  

Have a blessed day.

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