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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Be Prepared for the Inevitable

The inevitable is about to happen whether you want it to or not, and I believe Operation Blackjack will soon be used in order to usher in the so called "New World Order," when it is not new at all; although, one should pay close to attention to Iraq and Ukraine as well.  This coincides perfectly with my dream I had in April,and it goes well with my husband's too that we shared.  Why is the U.S. pushing so hard to get into Syria knowing that all of their puppet governments are falling a part?  They want this to go hot because it will cause global chaos and loss of life.  Plus, a nuclear bomb is a counterfeit to the Trinity.  All of this is getting planned right now according to the x22 Report.  Did you know that Russian bombers flew within 50 miles of the California coast as of Monday this week?  Yes, and now they know exactly what the U.S. is planning next to cause a global crisis, and this was covered up from mainstream and alternative media sites.  Even the IMF is warning of a housing crash, and the Pentagon is now prepping for mass civil breakdown.  One more thing, power plants are being shut down by the EPA. All of this coincides with what Ken Peter's saw from the Lord.  Is this for real?  Yes.  What are they planning or have been planning? named it.....Operation Blackjack, which was demonstrated on Simpsons and Jericho television episodes to occur as of June 22, 2014.  You all better be taking this seriously because it is in the works, and I did not set these dates but Satan and his minions that you will soon see. 

Once war takes place, this will be used as a means of covering up the global economic collapse that is already in shambles.  Russia is actually abandoning the dollar, which is accelerating this crisis, and making way for the new world reserve currency.  Need I remind you that there is no such thing as a one world currency because this is no where in Scripture at all, especially Revelation 13.  People globally are struggling to pay bills, and they are not alone.  Also, Steve Forbes has spoken of catastrophe because of the dollar being debased.  We are under the rule of the Roman Empire that has conquered the globe.  Do you realize the ramification of this?  If not, then please read specifically Revelation 6 and 13.  I hope that the dots are connecting, if not connected for you because of how late the hour is with everything.  You will soon see walking dead things without souls globally.  Their purpose is the same as Satan's, which is to steal, kill and destroy as in the days of Noah, so we are living out now.  Regardless, all of this will happen again because evil keeps repeating itself rather than learning from it.   

What can you do to prepare?  Walk in the Spirit- practice this daily, and get away from technology as much as possible.  You will be glad you did because very soon you will not have it, and I urge you to not take the Mark of the Beast when this does go down because you will face God's wrath and end up in Hell, which is exactly what Satan wants to he and his minions can laugh and mock you all they want for you falling for their evil schemes.  I have taught you how to overcome, and Jesus is our prime example of it.  He deserves the glory.  Now the rest is up to you.  You better be prepared both spiritually and physically because life is about to change as you know it.  May God bless you richly in these last days, and you are in my prayers. 

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